Delaware County


At the intersection of MacDade Boulevard at Lafayette Avenue, lies a set of pedestal mounted semi-incandescent Crouse-Hinds Art Deco signals, I believe these, along with the rest of the ancient type DT signals in Collingdale were originally green when they were originally installed back in the late-1950s or so:

The entire intersection was art deco, but, the cluster on the opposing side of the intersection got replaced by a set of 8″ poly McCains (with Peek visors), that have GE LEDs in them. Despite these signals being only about a decade old, these are in rough shape, with chipped visors, and masking tape to keep the door shut on the bottom section of the middle signal.

Up next, at MacDade Boulevard at Woodlawn Avenue is a Railroad crossing intersection, with a mix of poly McCains, some Eagle Durasig transit signals, and a Crouse-Hinds Art Deco. Below are some shots of the Crouse-Hinds Art Deco (and an ancient railroad crossing sign in the backgroud)

Some 12″ Eagle Durasig two section transit signals:

The 8″ McCains in the intersection that are surprisingly incandescent:

At the intersection of Clifton Avenue, Westbrook Drive, and Spruce Street are a common set of partially incandescent early-1970s Eagle flatback signals on horizontal Poles Inc mast-arms with trapezoid shaped flanges. The 12-inch Eagle worded pedestrian signals have been inactive for ages, and it looks like the municipality forgot about them. I was probably the first person to find these signals. Some of the classic Eagles got swapped out with some poly McCains. Some of the signals in the intersection have their original Kopp 37 lenses.

Enough of the Poles Inc era Eagle installs (which are the most common type of vintage signal in the entire state), now it’s time to get back to some Crouse-Hinds art decos. These are at the intersection of MacDade Boulevard at Sharon Avenue. I think every signal in this has intersection (the art decos at least) have smiley lenses. The Eagle Mark IV facing the eastbound section of MacDade Boulevard (see last photo) is the only signal that isn’t original to the intersection. This intersection is the closest to being in original condition out of all the intersections in Collingdale, besides the upgraded cabinet of course.