City Avenue (Philadelphia, PA)

Right on the US 1 exit of the Schuylkill Expressway is an old 12″ bread pan style Crouse-Hinds type M:

At the next intersection is a classic set of 70’s Eagle flatbacks mounted at the intersection of City Avenue and Presidential Boulevard. This is a standard Poles Inc era install, with Poles Inc mast-arms that have trapezoid shaped flanges, and signal heads with louvered backplates. Originally, the entire intersection was Eagle (and one of the Poles Inc mast-arms were swapped out for one with an octagonal base).

A classic photo of this intersection shown dated 6-28-1974, showing the Eagle flatbacks in the process of being installed. Image courtesy of the Special Collections Research Center. Temple University Libraries. Philadelphia, PA. The flatbacks are shown facing sideways, instead of being covered by burlap sacks or trash bags. The backplates were likely added to the signals later on, this was also before pedestrian crossing in the intersection was forbidden, since the pedestrian bridge was being added.

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