Leigh County

Catasauqua 4-ways

On the same day that I spotted that Eagle 4-way, a half hour away, in Catasauqua remain a pair of hanging works of art. A Crouse-Hinds type T porthole (the flat top version), which is way less common than the pandoga top model, paired with a slightly newer type M 4-way. The porthole is a very early Crouse-Hinds signal, manufactured from the 1920s, until the mid-30’s, around the time they began producing the type D. My best guess is that the intersection only had the type T operating it alone, until the type M 4-way came up. Besides the signal housings, the intersection doesn’t have much of the original specs left, the controller is an electronic Econolite, while the signals themselves have GE LED lenses (minus the green section of the type M, that’s facing the westbound corridor of Pine Street, which has GTx-11s)

Crouse-Hinds type T porthole close-up
A nice close-up shot of the Crouse-Hinds type M 4-way
Crouse-Hinds type M 4-way (green has Gx-11s, while the other are GE)
Panned out view of the Crouse-Hinds type T porthole signal paired up with the Crouse-Hinds type M. The type M likely dates to the 50’s.
Garden variety Econolite controller, operating those 4-ways
Additional shot of the flat top Crouse-Hinds type T port hole 4-way (All sections having GE LEDs)

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